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Energy Management Made Easy

Telematica API helps businesses connect and control their end users' energy hardware like EVs, HVACs, solar inverters, batteries, and home chargers through a cloud only solution to run a demand response program, manage a VPP or develop a smart charging app

Trusted by Utilities & Mobility companies

A pure software solution

No extra hardware needed

Our APIs interact directly with the integrated cellular modem inside EVs and other devices eliminating the need for aftermarket hardware

Single API integration

Single API integration to connect with almost all EVs and other energy asset irrespective of their make, model and geography

telematica Connect

  • helps you to connect your users' EV or energy asset to your app or service.
  • white-labelled user-consent UI kit which you can simply embed inside your app / product
  • total integration time: 10 mins
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telematica Plug

directly plug our out of the box API to provide smart features and poweful insights to your users
  • smart charging
  • charging scheduling for fleets
  • dynamic load balancing
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developer friendly

  • the most reliable & robust API built for developers, by developers
  • with just a few lines of code and 10 mins of dev effort, you can get started with telematica
  • end-to-end onboarding & integration support
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Applications & Use cases

Creating a virtual power plant (VPP)

Utilities & renewable energy companies can connect and control their users' energy assets to create a VPP to generate and manage renewable energy on a large scale.

Enabling demand response programs

Allow users to sell excess energy back to the grid or reduce their energy usage during peak times to help users save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Connecting EVs to smart home charging

Enable seamless and secure communication between EVs and home charging stations, allowing users to easily charge their vehicles at home using the cheapest available energy.

Building mobility and charging apps

Allow users to remotely start or stop charging, set charging schedules, and view historical usage data by leveraging connected car data.

Connecting EVs to renewable energy sources

Connect EVs to renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, allowing users to charge their vehicles with clean, renewable energy.

Building fleet management software

Monitor and optimize the performance and efficiency of EV fleets by providing valuable insights and recommendations to fleet operators and drivers.

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