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Enrich your app with EV data

Telematica API enables businesses to connect with their users' Electric Vehicles without the use of any hardware devices. Remotely access data like battery level, range & charging status.

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EV data
Soc: 85%
Range: 220 km
Odometer: 5490 km
Charging status: off
Location: 15°N, 30°E
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Battery analytics

Powering the next generation of companies

A pure software solution

Alternative to OBD-II dongles

Our APIs interact directly with the integrated cellular modem found inside majority of EVs, eliminating the need for aftermarket hardware

Single API integration

Single API integration to connect with greater than 90% of the connected EVs on road irrespective of their make and model

Security & Privacy first

Security and data privacy is at the core of our product and mission. We ensure that the user data is end-to-end encrypted and secure

Telematica Connect

  • Google sign-in for your users' EV account
  • 1 API to connect with >90% of the on road connected EVs
  • Off the shelf user-consent UI kit which you can simply embed inside your app
  • Total integration time: 10 mins
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Telematica Plug (beta)

Directly plug our out of the box API to provide smart features and poweful insights to your users
  • Smart EV route planning
  • Range & Charging insights
  • Amount of CO2 emissions saved
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Developer friendly

  • Built for developers, by developers (ex Microsoft and Adobe engineers)
  • With just a few lines of code and 10 mins of dev effort, you can get started with Telematica
  • End-to-end onboarding & integration support
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Industries and Use cases

Charging networks

Provide smart trip-planning, charging session insights, and personalised solutions to your users

EV mobility apps

Build innovative apps for solving range anxiety, smart trip planning, smart charging, and much more

Auto insurance

Offer innovative drive-safe & save discounts, pay-as-you-drive insurance, and other personalised products

Fleet operators

Manage your EV fleet without any dongles using our location, odometer, remote lock/unlock end points

Clean-tech companies

Measure energy consumed by EVs, CO2 emissions saved and provide better insights on energy consumption

EV Finacing & Leasing

Offer personilsed leasing plans based on # of km driven, get insights on the usage and battery degradation to better determine the resale value

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