Epic Charging & Telematica: Revolutionizing EV Fleet Management

Abhishek Jain
June 26, 2023
2 min read

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our collaboration with Epic Charging. This partnership not only highlights the merging of technology with sustainable transportation, but it also showcases how Telematica's API can be harnessed to spur innovation within the EV sector.

Let's start by introducing Epic Charging. Based out of Silicon Valley, Epic Charging has developed a software solution for EV charging, specifically designed for small to medium-sized organisations and fleets. Their platform is packed with features, including AI-powered routing, intelligent charging suggestions, smart charging with scheduling capabilities, and automated load balancing. They cater to a wide variety of customers such as EV fleet operators, electric utilities, auto dealerships, and OEMs​.

However, even the best of us face hurdles. For Epic Charging, the major challenge lay in managing and controlling EVs across more than 30 different OEMs, a critical part of their operations; this is where Telematica entered the picture.

Our universal API, designed to effortlessly connect and control a myriad of energy hardware like EVs and chargers, provided the integration solution that Epic Charging was seeking to enhance their services.

With our API now integrated into their platform, Epic charging now has remote access to 

  • General information of an EV such as - VIN, Make, Model
  • Operation critical-data like - Location and Odometer
  • Vehicle energy data and control - Battery State of Charge, Range, Charging Status, Charging Power, Current and Start-Stop charging

Epic Charging can now easily integrate thousands of electric vehicles into its software platform which creates significant value for distributed fleets and electric utilities looking to offer virtual managed charging programs. But don't just take our word for it. Here's a word from the man himself, Michael, the founder and CEO of Epic Charging:

CEO of Epic Charging on the value Telematica adds

You can find more about Epic Charging’s connected vehicle capabilities here - https://epiccharging.com/connectedvehicles

This alliance is much more than just a partnership. It represents a shared vision of a future where energy is managed sustainably and efficiently. United, we're on a mission to redefine the energy landscape and make energy management a breeze for businesses across the globe.

We look forward to continuing our journey with Epic Charging and fostering more collaborations that drive innovation in the energy sector. Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership and our unwavering commitment to the future of energy management.

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Abhishek Jain
CEO and Co-founder

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